Sol 15 glow stick dance

On Friday the glow dance is going to happen in the school. You will need your I’d to go and I may go because the last dance was really fun. The dance is going to be st the lunch room and  there will be a open gym. If I do go I may just stay in the open gym.

Sol 14 I forget

 Sometimes when I have not been in school for a while or more I forget is it a b-day or a A-day. I really don’t know why bit it happened last week the week we came back from school forgot what day it was. I knew it was Monday but was it a B-day and it was so i was ok. I nearly forgot it was a B-day tomorrow so now I know.

Sol 13 avengers endgame

Very soon the final avengers movie is going to come out in theaters on the 26th of April and I can’t wait. In my last blog I told you about the new lion king movie and how I really want to go see the movie I also want to see this movie more than the lion king. Why you may ask I am a pretty big marvel fan then Disney. I also want to go see it more because it comes out really soon. But the bad part is that it comes out the day we go to spring field so I am going to see if I can see it the day before.

Sol 12 new lion king movie

I am making this blog because the new lion king trailer came out. Many people are waiting to see this movie because they are making a remake and people grew up with the old classic one. I really liked the classic one and I can’t wait to see the new one. The new trailer is out now if you want to see it on YouTube.

Sol 11 my water bottle

 If you all know I take my water bottle everywhere I go I take with me. In the last blog I told you about the water problems to I was prepared because I had my water bottle. I had my water bottle ever since 5th grade and I think it’s a problem because it’s really hard to carry but I love my water bottle because water is one of the most drink I drink.

Sol 10 water pipes

Today at school I am pretty sure we all know about the water pipes today. There were  not working and many people wanted water and wanted to go to the bathroom. I was pretty fine because I always take my water bottle with me everyday. Then classes were sort by 39 minutes  and we stayed in excel most of the day and when we got up form the lunch room there was a huge poodle of water on the floor. I think today was a pretty good day because it was sort.

Sol 9 IAR test

tomorrows the IAR test and I hope I get a good grade on it today after school I am going to study and do any homework that involves math ela. The last time I took the test I got a really decent grade and I hope lots of people get good grades as well. The last time it was called parcc but I don’t know why the change it but I think I am going to do good in the test tomorrow.