Getting a new Xbox

Over the weekend my family was going over grandmas house to wash clothes again. Are washer was still not working so my dad was going to get a new washer. But luckily we didn’t have to buy a new because my dad was going to my old grandpas apartment. When we got to my grandparents house  we were just hanging out. And then we ate some soup and started to set up are new Xbox. The reason why we got a new Xbox is because so we can now play at my grandparents house. So we set it up and then we have to put all of the settings on it. Then I put my old account on my other Xbox on to the new one. And turns out it saves and I have to download all of my games again. Then a person comes into the house because something was wrong with the water system in the house. Then the person  face was burning he wasn’t screaming but to wash his face he used dog shampoo dog shampoo !!.
It was really funny but he was all right. Then we played are new Xbox until we had to go.


  1. Cool I have 2 as well The other one just doesn’t work

  2. Glad the person was okay, what was wrong with his face?!

  3. Also: You are missing your slice of life blog from last week.


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