AlWG review

so far in my book club book is going great. So far the book is very interesting and very detailed. Ishmael the main character was living a peaceful life until the war came I really do not know what the war is called because this is based off a true story. Then when Ishmael has to leaves his village and his family was killed he becomes a boy soldier. Through out his life he survives all of the horrors of war and he is grouped up with 6 kids counting himself. There is lots of dialogue in the book and the characters that Ishmael meets are really cool people. In my book club conventions we talk about the signpost we found and are wonders and notices. Sometimes we talk about the details of are questions and go to the page numbers that  are group says to go to. My group is good at talking with each other and we all get are work done. That was my review of A long way gone I also forgot to post this last week because I was working on another blog and I forgot about this one.


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