AlWG review

so far in my book club book is going great. So far the book is very interesting and very detailed. Ishmael the main character was living a peaceful life until the war came I really do not know what the war is called because this is based off a true story. Then when Ishmael has to leaves his village and his family was killed he becomes a boy soldier. Through out his life he survives all of the horrors of war and he is grouped up with 6 kids counting himself. There is lots of dialogue in the book and the characters that Ishmael meets are really cool people. In my book club conventions we talk about the signpost we found and are wonders and notices. Sometimes we talk about the details of are questions and go to the page numbers that  are group says to go to. My group is good at talking with each other and we all get are work done. That was my review of A long way gone I also forgot to post this last week because I was working on another blog and I forgot about this one.

Getting a new Xbox

Over the weekend my family was going over grandmas house to wash clothes again. Are washer was still not working so my dad was going to get a new washer. But luckily we didn’t have to buy a new because my dad was going to my old grandpas apartment. When we got to my grandparents house  we were just hanging out. And then we ate some soup and started to set up are new Xbox. The reason why we got a new Xbox is because so we can now play at my grandparents house. So we set it up and then we have to put all of the settings on it. Then I put my old account on my other Xbox on to the new one. And turns out it saves and I have to download all of my games again. Then a person comes into the house because something was wrong with the water system in the house. Then the person  face was burning he wasn’t screaming but to wash his face he used dog shampoo dog shampoo !!.
It was really funny but he was all right. Then we played are new Xbox until we had to go.

Donating books

Over this weekend me and my mom and brother were going to donate some of are old stuff that we didn’t use for a long time. For example we donated some of my brothers toys and books for me I didn’t want to donate anything. Even though I’m don’t use something they are still for memories or I still like them. But the most things we were donating where books. We had a lot of  Big Nate books and comics and really sort books that tell you how to spell. I am still not sure why he had those kinds of books but we donated to my brothers school and somewhere else. But some of those books were my favorite like the book rainbow fish and have you filled a bucket today those books were my favorite. Those books were my childhood and now I am interested in new books like my book club book a long way gone.

Washing clothes at my grandmas house

After from just watching a movie my dad text my mom if they needed help washing cloths. You must be asking why does my mom need help washing cloths. Well back at my house are washing machine broke so it doesn’t work at all. Now back to the story we went to go help out. After 10 minutes of driveing we started to get hungry so we bought some food. The food was getting cold but luckily we  weren’t that far. Finally we got to my grandmas house my grandpa was in his bed watching t.v. Then we ate I noticed that my dogs from home were here. We ate are food we talked and helped out washing cloths then we got home and the day was over.

Sol 31 the best movie night

this blog may be a little short but it was worth it and so we started get some popcorn and and other snacks like chips. And so we put on one movie jumanji welcome to the jungle and the move was really good and funny then both of my dogs come to my basement and start sleep. I don’t know why though but then the movie was ending and it had a happy ending no spoilers who ever didn’t watch the movie and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Sol 30 new boogie down dance of for fornite.

As you saw the title there is a new thing in fornite it is a sort of a dance off and you record your self and you upload it to twitch and then your dance moves will maybe be come a emote. And there was a glitch in fornite that someone found a vending machine with a gun inside and you need 250 wood so i hope your enjoy my blog.

Sol 29 spring break!!!

If you saw the title then you may be really excited because spring break is here so I am really happy and I will be spending time with my family. I also will be going to watch baseball games and I will be playing some video games. And I will be celebrating my brothers birthday and I am excited for that and I really hope you enjoy your spring break. And if you want you can leave a comment what you are doing for spring break.